Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Palak favorite indian dish

We arrived to India from Bhutan by car, it was an exciting and breathtaking journey through the Himalayas. Once we arrived to India, we continue to our first place to visit: Sikkim. Sikkim is a landlocked Indian state located in the Himalayas. It is beautiful!!!  It is in the lower Himalayas, and it has beautiful landscapes, heritage and culture.

I remember very well Sikkim not only for its natural wonders, but also for its friendly people. In addition, in Sikkim I try for the very first time Indian food, and I felt in love with Palak Paneer. We stayed at Tashi Delek Hotel, and still I have in my notebook that Palak Paneer cost me Rps 60...It was delicious....

Palak paneer is creamy, spicy and so of my favorite indian dishes..

Here goes my recipe

150 grams paneer cut into cubes and deep fried
500 grams of Spinach
1 big chopped onion
1 piece of grated ginger
2 garlic cloves
2 chopped tomatoes
2 chopped green chilies
1 crushed cardamom
1/2 teaspoon of Garam Masala (more up to your taste)
Sea Salt

Wash, chop and cook spinach. Cool it, and blend it to a smooth paste.
Cut the paneer, and deep fry the pieces until golden.
Piece of paneer

Golden brown pieces of paneer

Heat ghee and add onion, garlic and ginger.
Onion, ginger, chilies, cardamoms and garlic.....ready to be cooked!

Cook it, and then add tomatoes and green chilies. Cook them for 4-5 minutes at low heat. Add the spinach paste, season it with salt, garam masala, and crushed cardamom. Cook it for 3-4 minutes. Add the golden paneer. Stir it, and cook it for another 2-3 minutes at low heat. Serve it with basmati rice or indian breads.....Enjoy!


  1. Marcela me encanta la comida India que bueno que compartes estas recetas son muy buenas, tengo una miga Deeba de la India que te mueres de lindo su blog, más tarde te pondré el link si la quieres visitar, besoos

  2. Gloria...que bueno te gusta la comida india. Si pasame el link de tu amiga....siempre estoy buscando cosas nuevas por hacer....una vez que se aprende la tecnica de cocinar indio, es facil lo que viene despues....Abrazos, marcela