Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Greece o Greece.....

                                               Traditional Greek Custom

When I think about Greece, my mind repeats one word .....CULTURE. Greece has been generous in giving us a legacy of ancient history, politics, philosophy, literature, mythology, language, sport and cuisine. Unfortunately, Greece is facing one of the biggest crises that any country can imagine. They do not only have a tough challenge ahead, but also difficult decisions to make in order to survive as a country and a culture.
I think it will be a long time before we can travel again to Greece. I wish I could enjoy a grilled octopus with red table wine in the Plaka (old market place beside the Acropolis), and delicious Greek Salad in Mykonos, and of course, to taste one of my favourite Greek sweets Galaktoboureko in Santorini.
Sadly, news about the Greece situation are not encouraging. What is happening to Greece can happen to many countries. I wish my Greek friends the best, and remember that it’s always darkest just before dawn.
Here you have some pictures that shown the natural beauty of Greece....

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