Sunday, July 9, 2023


There is no Italian cornetto without a French croissant.....I have to admit that I love croissant for breakfast with a fruit jam and a warm good coffee with milk. Interestingly enough, the best croissants I have ate were in Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan....and in that order. I have ate croissants in Paris even in those bakeries (boulangeries) that have won awards, but nothing compares to those croissants in Asia. 

I found this recipe in this link in youtube  , and the result was fantastic!! They last fresh for three days....


500 grams flour with 11-11.5% protein

55 grams brown sugar + 10 grams salt

10 grams powder milk

260 grams milk

20 grams fresh yeast

50 grams soft butter

Butter for the dough layers

250 grams with a minimum 82% fat

Combine and kneed all the ingredients until well combined. Let the dough rest at room temperature for 1 hour covered with plastic. Place it in the fridge overnight, and let it have a cold fermenting in for 15-18 hours.

Inside parchment paper, distribute the 250 grams butter, and make a block (15x27 cm) with a roll pin. Place it in the fridge.

Roll the croissant dough to have a 30x30 cm square. Place the butter square (at 14-18°C), and fold it in three-fold.

Stretch it in vertical direction only to get 4-mm thickness and 60 cm in length.

Make the 2/3 & 1/3 folding followed by the book folding ( open the dough in the sides with a knife). Flatten the pastry to at least 1.5 cm thickness and wrap it up. Put it into the fridge for 45 minutes

Roll the pastry (turn 90° from previous rolling) up to 5 mm thickness/60 cm in length. Fold it again in three-fold. Put it into the fridge for 45 minutes

Flatten the pastry to at least 1.5 cm thickness and wrap it up. Put it into the fridge for 45 minutes

Roll the pastry to 4-5 mm thickness. The goal is to have a 50x35 cm rectangle.

Make triangles with 10 cm base, and shape it in a croissant form. Proof them at 28°C for 2-2.5 hours. You can place it in the oven (off) with steaming water in a bowl.

Bake them in a preheated oven at 180°C for 20 minutes with fan. ENJOY!



  1. You did an excellent job creating these beautifully layered croissants.

  2. In my mind I am reaching for the honey to have them for breakfast, or perhaps slicing the tomatoes and washing the lettuce for lunch. They look fabulous.

  3. Your croissants look very professional and I can only imagine how good they taste. So interesting that the Asian croissants were far better than the Parisian croissants.